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South Avenue & Center Street Traffic Light Uplift

by Garwood Police Department on 01/30/17

The new Traffic Light at South Avenue and Center Street has finally been installed.  Please note that the left turn arrows for North & West  bound traffic have been eliminated.  In those directions, traffic makes the turn with the regular green light.  The Lights have a backing that will drastically cut down on sun glare in the late afternoon and allow better visibility when approaching the lights.  The stop lines for both lanes at the intersection will be moved back slightly with a greater regress for the left turn lane.  This will allow for truck traffic to better maneuver through their turns.

The poles & pedestrian walk / don't walk signs where chosen to compliment our decorative street light decor.  The sidewalks will be restored with concrete and the decorative bricks once the weather breaks.  In the mean time, the Chief of Police has requested that the construction zone be completely back filled with black top for pedestrian safety. 

Please let us know if you experience any problems with intersection.