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Speed Signs Posted

by Garwood Police Department on 11/11/16

In an effort to reduce the speeds on several of the Boroughs backstreets, portable speed advisory signs have been placed in the most active areas.  Although  statistics gathered over recent years do no indicate a sustained speeding problem, residents have still voiced concerns over some motorists that speed through town.

The Police Department is currently waiting to receive grant money applied for to cover the cost of solar powered feed back radar signs for several areas around the Borough.  In the mean time The Department has purchased portable traffic bollards which display the posted speed limit and the message "Slow Down" on a highly reflective backing.  These bollards are currently being displayed on the 400 block of Fourth Avenue, the 10 block of Second Avenue and the 400 and 500 blocks of Spruce Avenue.  Additional signs have been placed on Center Street as well.   

Chief Underhill reports that "initial data obtained since installation, indicates a 5-8 mph decrease in speed.  Because these bollards are portable, we can move them as needed to calm traffic where problems are detected.  Additionally, this is an economical way to address our issues without having to take drastic steps such as installing Speed Bumps or Humps.  Resident s should be aware that these traffic bollards are in the roadway and use caution."

The Garwood Police ask that residents please drive carefully, buckle up and obey the speed limit.  We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!