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The Garwood Police Department's Firearms Unit conducts all background investigations dealing with the issuance of firearm permits and local ordinances. The Firearms Applications are now conducted electronically through the NJ State Police. 

The State of New Jersey is now accepting firearms applications for Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards and Pistol Purchase Permits electronically.

The "FARS" tab below will allow an applicant to apply for Initial and Duplicate Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards and Permits to Purchase a Handgun. When applying you will be prompted to insert The Garwood Police Department ORI# which is NJ0200600 to be able to continue with the next step of the online application. All applicants must use their LEGAL names. For all first time applicants for Firearms Identification Cards please use your LEGAL name as listed on your NJ State Driver's License or Identification Card. For those that already have a Firearms I.D. Card and are applying for additional permits and/or change of address or name, use the LEGAL name that is listed on your Initially issued Firearms I.D. Card. Applicants are to follow all the instructions prompted before continuing onto the next page of the application. 

Additionally for those that are applying for the first time must have their fingerprints printed for a Firearms Background Investigation. Follow the instructions on the FARS site to obtain the proper Fingerprint application to be conducted at the nearest IdentoGO.  For those who already have a Firearms I.D. card issued to you, fingerprints are not required again.

For applicants that are looking to apply for a Permit to Carry a Handgun call Capt. S. Rocco or Sgt. P. Lewis for specific instructions. This application is not provided on the FARS site and can be found on the link below. 

Required Fees are to be collected at time of completion only and you are required to have the exact amount in cash only. NO CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED.

  • Initial Application:  $5.00  +  Fingerprint Fee (paid to the vendor)
  • Handgun Permit:   $2.00  +  $5.00 application fee  + $20.00 paid online for "SBI name check"
  • Address / Name change  / Lost / Damaged ID Card:  $5.00 for ID Card,  $20.00 paid online for "SBI name check"

Firearms and Local Ordinance Background Checks 212A form
The required ORI # is: NJ0200600