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Garwood Police Department Firearms Unit
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Chief James Wright
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The Garwood Police Department's Firearms Unit conducts all background investigations dealing with the issuance of firearm permits and local oridnances.  
The investigation is in depth and depending on the circumstances of the investigation, may take several months to complete. For information related to firearms investigations or to set up an appointment to file an application, contact Lt. Samuel Rocco.  The required forms are available for download on this site (see the forms tab).   ALL firearms investigations require the Application for Firearms ID / Handgun Permit and Consent for Mental Health Records forms. All other required paperwork is handled at Police HQ during your appointment.

Required Fees:

  • Initial Application:  $5.00  +  Fingerprint Fee (paid to the vendor)
  • Handgun Permit:   $2.00  +  $5.00 application fee  + $20.00 paid online for "SBI name check"
  • Address / Name change  / Lost / Damaged ID Card:  $5.00 for ID Card,  $20.00 paid online for "SBI name check"

All applicants are required to be fingerprinted.  Fingerprinting is done through an outside agency - See Lt. Rocco for instructions and appropriate form.​

Firearms and Local Ordinance Background Checks 212A form
The required ORI # is: NJ0200600
ATTENTION FIREARMS APPLICANTS: Do not proceed to the NJSP 212A Form until instructed to do so by Lt. Rocco or his designee. After your application has been delivered to Police HQ, you will be told how to proceed and if the NJSP 212A background check is needed. First time firearms applicants MUST BE FINGERPRINTED and the NJSP 212A does not apply to initial applications. If you proceed to complete the NJSP 212A without being instructed to, you will not be refunded.