Phone: 908-789-1500
Garwood Police Department
The Garwood Police Department Internal Affairs Unit
The primary duty of the Internal Affairs Unit (IA) is to monitor the actions and behavior of The Garwood Police Department personnel and ensure compliance with the Department’s Rules & Regulations, Policies, Attorney General Guidelines and Directives, as well as borough ordinances, state law and federal law.

To file an Internal Affairs Complaint you may do so in person by coming into Police Headquarters and filling out an Internal Affairs complaint form or you can click on the link below and fill out the form and submit it to the Garwood Police Department. You may also do so by telephone by calling (908)-789-1500.  All complaints of officer misconduct will be accepted from all persons who wish to file a complaint, regardless of the hour or day of the week. This includes reports from anonymous sources, juveniles and persons under arrest or in custody. Internal affairs personnel, if available, will accept complaints. If internal affairs personnel are not available, supervisory personnel will accept reports of officer misconduct, and if no supervisory personnel are available, complaints will be accepted by any law enforcement officer. At no time will a complainant be told to return at a later time to file his or her report.
Citizens are encouraged to submit their complaints as soon after the incident as possible. If the citizen cannot personally appear at the agency to file the complaint, a member of the agency, preferably a member of the internal affairs unit, will visit the citizen at his or her home, place of business or other location if necessary to complete the report. Under no circumstances will it be necessary for a citizen to make a sworn statement to initiate the internal affairs process. Furthermore, the Garwood Police Department will accept and investigate anonymous complaints.